Are you ever too old?

25 07 2016

Some say your never too old to do something, but reality is we do become too old for certain things.

College while technically your never too old, the fact is a good majority of funding for college is only available to under 30’s.

Many volunteer type opportunities as well are only open to the under 30’s youth.

Society is built around youth, and 30 seems to be the cut off for a lot of things, hell if I were under 30 it would even open up more mental health care.

So technically you may not be too old, but reality is you do become too old for a lot of things and have no way to achieve what you want because your simply deemed too old.


5 year plan

25 07 2016

Our 5 year plan is to leave Canada and move to the US. I have USC already so easy peasy for me, but my wife needs to be sponsored to immigrate there, so that takes time and a not so small amount of money, so its not something we can do now, but in a 5 year span should be doable.

Canada has just become to pricey, well BC has, and ON isn’t any better, and well the rest of the country isn’t appealing in anyway.

The US just offers more potential and opportunity and well a huge selection of areas anywhere from tropical to arctic and everything in between, where outside of Southern BC, Canada basically offers cold winters, short summers, and not a whole lot more…


And while healthcare is more $$ down there, it is at least easily accessible and I would stand a greater chance of getting treatment where here there is 0 chance.

No hope

21 07 2016

There is no hope for me, I am not able to fix me, I lack the ability and knowledge, I hate my life, I do not enjoy it and at this point and age, there is nothing that can be done to improve it.


I am past any age at which a life can be built.

Spending too much time in one place

20 07 2016

I am starting to think that possibly spending too much time in one place is not good for my mental health.

Looking back the time frame when i had the freedom to just hop on a plane and go somewhere for a few days, was the most stable and I would rate my mental health back then and good to above average.

I was still poor, but I had the freedom to travel every week somewhere, and ever since I have been stuck in one place week after week, my mental health has just gone down.

Only thing keeping my from travel is money, or lack of it, we barely have enough income to pay for housing which alone eats up 50% of the months income, and we are not even in a nice area or nice apartment, to live in something nice in a nice area, your looking at 1,300+ a month now.




10 07 2016

Anyone have any suggestions on how to improve a resume when the following issues are at hand:


  1. Job hopping, haven’t had a long term job since 2003, and I have a lot of gaps of no employment and I struggle with how to deal with these when creating a resume


2. No formal education beyond 12th grade, and no formal skills training. I have no real skills to speak of. I can be trained to do things, but most companies seem unwilling to train. I can do basic computer stuff, but nothing advanced like excel.




Another week and no job calls.

8 07 2016

You would think with applying for jobs on both sides of the border in 2 different countries, I would have some luck at getting calls, but nope, another week of dead silence.

If this doesn’t provide I am unemployable then nothing will. Employable people get interviews.

How do you get a job?

5 07 2016

I am at a loss at what else I can do, I apply and always looking and a lot of jobs I apply to get posted over and over but I can never secure an interview.

I really think I am 100% unemployable at this point.

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