Being alone and small town isolation.

18 01 2013

No matter how much I hate being alone, I have to learn how to be alone. I am not fit for a relationship or friendships and it’s best for all involved for me to stop trying to make friends, because in the end, I push them out of my life, and then I feel worse about it. Happens each and every time I make a friend or am in a relationship so until other things change in my life, being alone is likely the best thing for me.

I can say for sure now, small town living is not for me. Its a very isolating experience and certainly not a healthy environment for someone who already feels isolated and alone.

I now understand what people mean by they care but just can’t handle my issues, and I know I have a handful of them.



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18 01 2013

I think some need to work up to being able to have relationships. On some level I am a believer that we need to have ourselves figured out a bit before we can effectively have positive, longer lasting friendships or intimate relationships.

I’m glad you made this move. I hope it works out for you!

18 01 2013

I also need to learn to put myself first and not always try and make everyone happy, and learn that just because I can’t help someone doesn’t mean I dont care, just means I am not able to help.

I always feel I have to help anyone who asks, and that I can’t say no. Even when say I have little money, if someone asks, I will generally help them, but in the process making things worse for me.

18 01 2013

Ah yes, I know that feeling. It’s very important to make sure that you are ok above anyone else.

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