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21 04 2014

I am not too encouraged, and the results are basically the same as they always are, these tests just confuse me even more. I can only see myself doing 1, and that is the railway worker one, but at 35 with chronic joint and bone pain, its not even an option because its too physical and I just cant do it without being in severe pain. Plus I am not sure I would pass the medical evaluation which includes a mental health screening of sorts, safety sensitive job, so they take mental health issues into account, same as to why I could never be a pilot.


Railway Yard Workers
• Dry Cleaning and Laundry Inspectors and Assemblers
• Funeral Home Attendants
• Ticket Takers and Ushers
• Baggage Porters
• Beauty Salon Attendants
• Brakemen/women
• By-law Enforcement Officers
• Central Supply Aides
• Physiotherapists
• Post-Secondary Teaching Assistants
• Private Investigators
• Sign Language Interpreters
• Speech-Language Pathologists
• Bank Clerks
• Collectors
• Insurance Clerks
• Interpreters



One response

22 04 2014

I’m glad you’re looking at other options, too bad money is vital! Have you tried for disability? I wasn’t able to get it but know people who do. I tried to work this past winter… it wasn’t good. Just trying my hardest to be “normal” wasn’t enough. Despite what some believe. Those people should live in the mind of someone with BPD for a day and see how they feel after!
I’m sorry things suck so bad right now. I hope you find something that seems like a better fit!!

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