British Columbia = Bring Cash + some of lowest wages in Canada

26 05 2014

I was looking at a website for jobs at a major Canadian employer across Canada, and it crazy how the pay varies for the same exact job, and the highest cost of living region had the lowest pay…Sucks to be here sometimes, wages tend to be lower then the rest of Canada despite having a higher cost of living then most of Canada.

Pay for the position city to city Vancouver to Toronto:

Vancouver 10.87 per hour

Edmonton 16.30 per hour

Calgary 16.39 per hour

Regina 12.30 per hour

Winnipeg 12,30 per hour

Toronto 11.38 per hour

Montreal 12.30 per hour.

And the position is a unionized position, so clearly despite what many think, union does not mean more money.



One response

27 05 2014

Wow! I can’t believe the difference in pay between all the cities. And how low the pay is in your province compared to the cost of living there. I live in Ontario. I hope things improve for you soon!

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