Don’t judge on looks

3 06 2014

I have had psoriasis for most of my adult life, and it started out mild, but with age the flare ups have increased and the outbreaks have become larger, luckily for me my break outs are on my scalp and covered by hair, and my legs so I can hide the break outs with clothing.

About 5 years ago, I started to have some mild joint pain in my knees and just wrote it off as injuries from working at an airline loading planes and spending a lot of time on my knees inside airplanes. But the pain just got worse, and more joints started to hurt with time and age,

Recently I mentioned some of the joint pain issues with the doctor, and he believes its mostly likely psoriatic arthritis which makes sense based on the psoriasis and onset of the joint pain.

Now where am I going with this? Recently someone had mentioned in passing that there is no reason why I can go and do labor jobs, and if I really wanted a job I would go do so.

Well yes, I am 35, and yes I do want a job, but no I can’t do physical labor, my body simply cannot handle it, the pain becomes too severe and quickly when I am doing labor. Even basic housework like lifting laundry and standing at the sink doing dishes brings on severe pain and I have to stop and sit while the pain passes, sometimes it calms down quickly, sometimes it takes hours to do so, its not something i can really predict.

I would gladly do labor jobs, and its not about being lazy as I have done labor intensive jobs before, its 100% simply about not being physically able to due to arthritis. Yes, you don’t need to be old to have painful arthritis that prevents you from doing things, and yes you can be arthritic at 35 and on daily pain killers to try and manage the pain.

So don’t judge someones health on their age and looks.



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3 06 2014

My sister just got diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. She’s 38. She’s on medication for it. I hope you can find a job soon that you can do. I hope your psoriatic arthritis doesn’t bother you too badly most of the time.

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